Founding the Company ‘ Khorasan Trading Co. ‘ by Mr. Jafar Taghizadeh

Founding the Company ‘ Tooska Trading Co. ‘ by Mr. Hamid Reza Taghizadeh

The mentioned Companies joined together and named ‘ Tooska-E-Khorasan Engineering & Trading Group ‘

About “ Tooska-E-Khorasan Engineering & Trading Group ”

We are one of the most famous suppliers of Cosmetic, Hygienic, Food & Pharmaceutical raw materials to the Iranian companies with nearly 50 years of experience in these activities fields. Tooska is a family owned company managed by the second generation of family now. Being such a company enables us to focus our activities on the quality & service of our products & specialize our business, so that we can make customers confidential from creativity to evaluation, production & delivery. Tooska’s team of management, sales & delivery staff will offer you professional, knowledgeable & cooperative service to enable your products to assume innovative leadership in any consumer market.
Tooska is proud of being the exclusive representative of the following companies in Iran

Jafar-Taghizadeh Tooska

Mr. Jafar Taghizadeh

Founder of the company

Hamid-Taghizadeh Tooska

Mr. Hamidreza Taghizadeh

Director Manager

Morteza-Taghizadeh Tooska

Mr. Morteza Taghizadeh

Head Sales Manager


گروه مهندسی و بازرگانی توسکا

با بیش از 50 سال سابقه در زمینه تامین مواد اولیه صنایع دارویی – غذایی – آرایشی و بهداشتی افتخار دارد شرکاء خارجی خود را جهت ارائه محصولات مورد مصرف در صنایع لبنی – نوشیدنی – مربا – روکشهای میوه ای کیک و شیرینی – شکلات – و فرآورده ها ی گوشتی به شرح ذیل تقدیم حضورتان نماید .


Tooska Lab
Tooska Lab

Tooska-E-Khorasan Engineering & Trading Group

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